Vocal Tips

written by Susan Anders ~ vocal instructor

The Complete Idiots Guide to Singing, p 198

• Do drink plenty of water
• Don’t drink alcohol in excess and don’t drink at all when you’re on stage or in the studio
• Do drink warm herbal teas
• Don’t drink any tea coffee or soft drink that contains caffeine
• Do eat a balanced diet low in sugar and low in dairy products
• Don’t do drugs – period
• Do practice yoga or similar exercises
• Don’t forget to keep your head warm in cold weather. Consider wearing earmuffs of putting
cotton in your ears when you go out extremely windy or cold conditions
• Do make cardiovascular exercise a regular part of your daily routine
• Don’t take over-the-counter cold sinus or allergy medications without first consulting your
doctor. Especially avoid multi symptom medications, and nasal sprays which can be addictive.
When you have a cold or the flu, pure decongestants like pseudo ephedrine work well.
• Do buy a portable steamer with a face mask and use it for 20 minutes before you appear
onstage or in the studio
• Don’t smoke, and avoid smoky rooms. This includes all types of smoke, including fireplace
• Do you rest your voice regularly, especially if you sing aggressively as a guide, take one day off
for every three days of performing or two days off for every five days of performing
• Don’t talk too much. It wears down your vocal cords. The same goes for talking too loud or
screaming at sporting events
• Do try to cough quietly if you have to cough. Take a deep breath and use your diaphragm, not
your larynx to expel the needed mucous.
• Don’t hang out in dusty environments, if you can avoid it.
• Do place a warm, wet towel around your neck after a performance and don’t speak for 10
minutes afterwards
• Don’t try to sing higher or lower than is comfortable
• Do gargle with warm water containing half a teaspoon each of salt and baking soda
• Don’t sing if it hurts or if it hurts to swallow
• Do get plenty of rest, especially the night before performance
• Don’t use lemon and whiskey on your voice. The acidity is too great for your vocal chords, and
the alcohol dries out the vocal folds. Instead, try adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and
a bit of honey to a large glass of water.
The Complete Idiots Guide to Singing, p 198


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Pat Autrey is the sound engineer and producer for Digital Dynamics Recording Studio. He has been creating music since 1979. His experience with Pro Tools, Cubase, Wavelab, FL Studio and Reaper assures a great recording every time. Pat is a professional musician, and BMI singer-songwriter. His perspective as a performing artist always helps during the creative process in the studio Digital Dynamics was founded in in 2003 as a sole proprietorship, and after an amazing first year was incorporated in 2004. We have worked with many talented musicians, producers, and musical educators over the years. Our recordings have helped aspiring vocal students get accepted in prestigious music academies across the nation. We have worked with musicians from Nashville, New York, Chicago, LA and all over the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Let us serve you with proven outstanding results, you will be truly pleased with the finished product!

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