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Intonation ~ Pitch Accuracy

Excerpt from The Complete Idiots Guide to Singing Written by Susan Anders ~voice instructor
Develop better pitch accuracy vocalize using the sounds “dee” and “daw” with your scale warm ups –
work at it slowly, record your lessons and listen back. By using melodyne software(available at Digital
Dynamics) you’ll be able to accurately see your pitches graphically. Listen for specific vowels that are
problematic. As you continue work on a song replace dee and daw with those vowels. Listen carefully to
the piano or guitar to help you lock into the pitch. You should know melody well enough to be able to
sing a cappella, and it’s a good idea to practice at different volumes. Remember no scooping or sliding
when you’re learning a new song and working on pitch control. It’s important to maintain good
breathing techniques make sure you can feel your lower part of your abdomen expand. Inhale thru your
mouth. Keep your rib cage lifted, push in w the abdomen muscles as you sing for support.
Shoulders should remain down and relaxed and the larynx neutral. You should have an inner smile,
think about being happy as you sing, as this will help to raise the soft palette and improve your tone.
Use a mirror and make sure that your eyebrows are not scrunching. and on the low notes, should fill a
nice low resonant sound as you vocalize “eeeee” or “eeeeeew” with no vibrato, and on the higher notes
vocalize with “me-yah”
Maintain good breathing, good posture. Proper diction and these will help proper intonation, all of
these will help you as you work for better more accurate pitch control of your singing.