My band thoroughly enjoyed our recording work with Pat Autrey.  He combines solid software and sound engineering skills with an enjoyable, collaborative approach to recording.  Being a long-time top performer across several musical genres in the DFW area, Pat knows what will sound good and appeal to various audiences.  He can help you maximize the mileage from your creative drives
Rich Anderson   of  7-Car Pileup
I had the pleasure of recording at Pat’s studio a few weeks ago. i have done studio work before, but this was refreshing. Not only was he very professional, but he also is very knowledgeable. His prices were more than reasonable, a fraction of what many other studios require. The quality is superior and you will sound like you have been to a studio in LA or Nashville. He has up-to-date software to make you sound your absolute best. Having the best software is only part of it. Having a true ear for music and the knowledge to utilize that software to accomplish the desired effect is paramount. You get all of this and more. Also, I left with the finished product, as he did the mixing and mastering as we went along. I didn’t have to wait weeks like with other studios. I did not use studio musicians for this recording because time was of the essence, however, he does have that available as well, and they too are awesome at what they do. If you want to do a recording just for fun, or you are totally serious about getting your name out there, this is the place for you.  – Susanne Boston
“I have enjoyed working with Pat over the last few years as I have begun my venture into the music business.   As a new artist I had no idea what direction to go and he took the time to work with me and help me achieve my goals.   Pat has taken time to work with me when I could not find the direction to go and has taken me from a novice to producing my first cd.   He has a solid understanding and love for music and always seemed to know where to take my songs to help me create the feeling I hoped to create in each song.” 
Karyl Chase
I have been recording with Pat for almost 4 years. He is a great musician and very at intuitive when it comes to recording. After he brought my first song to live I was hooked.”
Kathaleen May

Click to hear a montage of
Susanne Boston’s recordings
True Testimonials
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  1. This is great. Now I know where to go for my recording needs. Do you also make books on tape?

    • Books on tape (CD, MP3, DVD, etc) is available! Do you read yourself, or will you need a professional voice talent to assist with a project? It’s quite easy and would love to talk with you about your book!

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